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December Chapter Meeting & Holiday Party

December Chapter Meeting & Holiday Party
Good Evening Current & Expired Members of Cleveland USBG,  YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO RSVP TO OUR HOLIDAY GET TOGETHER! This fun filled Holiday Party will include and with a big USBG CLEVLAND THANK YOU: Campari featuring Sky Vodka & Appleton Rum Watershed Featuring Watershed Bourbon Middle West Spirits/ OYO with their new Vim & Petal Gin Pope’s Kitchen is suppling syrups for the cocktails. Oskar Blues Brewery Dales Pale Ale and more. William Grant & Sons featuring Sailor Jerry Fernet Plenty of food. Swag There will be a Mini Bowling Tournament and we will have a few open lanes. It does not require any skill and will be lots of fun and prizes for the winners. Karaoke There will be a short meeting to introduce your 2017–2018 officers. We are looking for Chairpersons and committee help for the next two years.  Committees: Education Fund Raising Recruitment Event Coordination If you are interested in any of these committees, please email ClevelandUSBG@gmail.com and someone will get back to you.  Please drink responsibly. Remember Uber, Lyft and Taxis are your friends.  


Food Jewelry – Polymer clay jewelry and accessories.

Pink Donut Keychain – Miniature Food, Dessert, Gold Keychain

Sweet as they come, this handmade pink donut is the cutest keychain. Comes with a gold or silver keychain.

| Ingredients |

Polymer Clay
Gold Colored, Nickle-Free Keychain

| Portion |

Ring Diameter: 1"
Donut Diameter: 0.78"


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High Quality Nail Decals – Super Easy and Fast to Apply

57 Donut Nail Decals

Donut nail decals, very pretty, bright stickers with unique designs.


♡ Buy any 3 sets of nail art from my listings at the same time ♡
♡ & I will add a set of my choice free♡
♡ That's 4 sets for the price of 3 ♡

My nail decals very easy to apply, because these stickers thin and flexible.
Donut nail stickers made on high quality decal paper.
With my nail decals you can make your OWN designs and designs for your clients if you are nail artist.

These decals can be applied to any type of nails (regular polish, soak off gel, hard gel and acrylic).

My nail decals being used in many nail salons with great reviews.

You will receive 57 nail decals and full nail instruction in a resealable bag.

My recommendations:
Please, apply these decals over a white color (white looks best and makes the color pop in the image.)
To keep you perfect manicure looking fresh, apply a top coat every few days.



We ship fast from within the U.S.!

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